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Family owned and family friendly since 1975!
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Family owned and family friendly for over 35 years, Merritt's has featured it's huge food portions and friendly staff that make it what it is today. Merritt's has been featured in many editorials including the famous Rolling Stone magazine and Boise Weekly.

(Pictured: the Indian Taco - a scone loaded with taco meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Yum!)

Here's what the Idaho Press Tribune had to say about Merritt's in the Summer of 2011.
MERRITT'S COUNTRY CAFE specializes in scones, home cooking

BOISE ― Three neon “open” signs, a billboard-sized name sign and the best reputation in the valley for a scone ―  everyone knows Merritt's Country Cafe.

The jukebox, open kitchen and friendly faces that appear when the front door opens rush a feeling of home into your mind. The smell of heavenly home-cooked food doesn't hurt either.

“It's a nice break from the microwaved, pre-processed, hurry-up-let's-go world,” owner George Merritt said.

The home cooking of the cafe attracts a cross-section of the community. Everybody is welcome at this little cafe, and in turn, many people across the Treasure Valley come.

“If you want to see everybody in Boise, sit down at Merritt's for a while and about every walk of life will come into the cafe,” George said.

Customers have gotten accustomed to comfortable atmosphere at the “home of the scone.” However, the famous fried bread came as a fluke success to the Merritt family.

When George's father Lester traded a mobile home for the property, the family wanted to turn it into a restaurant that felt like home. George's step-mom, Sharon, had been making scones at home and decided to put them on the menu. Seemingly overnight the classic treat turned into a valley staple.

The restaurant is a family place, owned and operated by the Merritt family for 36 years. However, the family aspect seems to disappear when the night crowd appears during the wee-hours of the morning.

“I know I've seen at least one or two people dancing on the tables late at night,” George said.

Although 36 years have passed since Merritt's start,  the environment has rarely wavered. George has been on the scene since the beginning. At the ripe age of 13, he worked at Merritt's on the kitchen staff when his parents owned it. At 30, George left to start his construction career. He couldn't escape his ties to the restaurant. While in construction, Merritt's was one of his best clients. In the last few years, he hasn't received so many calls to come fix up the restaurant.

When he came into ownership in May, he realized that he needed to restore Merritt's to its former glory. He has reimplemented a free scone or biscuit with a breakfast dish, and plans to remove some of the less family-friendly songs from the jukebox.

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